The Insurbreak Podcast - Insurance Insights

“Ask once remember always” - Build a consistent personalized customer experience

January 24, 2023 Ash Faraj Season 2 Episode 3
The Insurbreak Podcast - Insurance Insights
“Ask once remember always” - Build a consistent personalized customer experience
Show Notes

Brian Poppe worked for Lincoln Financial Group for a period of time and then came over to Mutual of Omaha a little more than 13 years ago.  From pricing and product development at Lincoln Insurance, he worked his way up in risk management at Mutual of Ohama. Brian also created and led the innovation practice for a couple of years,  led one of the PNLs, worked on tech modernization, a bridge between business and IT strategy. He is now Chief Data officer - we can say he’s exempt in the data world! 

In this podcast, learn about: 

  • Friction between data privacy and personalization. How do you protect customer privacy and what are the legal implications? How do you make sure you're not intentionally/unintentionally biasing some of the models that you're using to either recommend or automate underwriting?
  • Personalization of the customer experience. How do you help your customers pick the right policies? How do you earn their trust to be able to provide them with the right recommendations? 
  • Whether human interactions will continue to be crucial for consumers’ decision-making process and how AI is impacting insurance and potential future applications
  • His Pilot AI with chatbots, and the experience of an interactive agent call center
  • The future of insurance and the implications of embedded insurance
  • How inflation is impacting insurance businesses and consumers
  • Diversity equity and inclusion in the insurance space 

«So one of the things that we, and I suppose many others in the insurance industry, have learned is as much as you want to give an automated recommendation to a customer because it's such a personal and financial decision, customers want confirmation that they're making the right choice. So we can put a recommendation engine out there that helps customers pick a policy, they will still want to talk to a person to verify that they're on the right path» But how to ensure the protection of consumer data privacy while serving their needs for a more personal touch? « The technology industry has greatly advanced the ability to do that in a way that protects both customer privacy while still allowing you to do the types of personalization that customers are coming to expect from other industries (…) for example through anonymize the data either through consolidating it in a way or tokenizing it »